Self-Initiated Project

After discovering ‘Four Sigmatic’ and the magic benefits of drinking mushroom coffee, I immediately wanted to create something within packaging design. I've commissioned myself with the main goal of practising my craft as an illustrator and designer. I love combining these two skills into my work. The brief I established for myself was to illustrate two flavours, to do the corresponding packaging design and create a visual identity for an imaginary brand called Taika (‘Taika' is a Finnish word meaning 'Magic').



After deciding I wanted the flavours to be Lion's Mane and Chaga mushrooms, I started by illustrating the artwork that would go into the packaging design. For Lion's Mane, I illustrated a forest where these mushrooms have the tendency to grow a single clump of dangling spines, during late summer and fall on hardwoods. For Chaga, I also illustrated a wild forest where these mushrooms have an irregular form and have the appearance of burnt charcoal, most commonly found in northern hemisphere birch forests.

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Dielines for Lion's Mane & Chaga ground coffee packages


Lion's Mane & Chaga - 3/4 packaged design mockups


Lion's Mane cold brew coffee - packaged design mockup


Taika mug mockup

This project is featured on The Best Packaging Inspirations by DesignRush.


About Me

I’m an Illustrator, Digital Designer and Art Director. I help brands communicate their ideas on advertising and animation media.


Work Process

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