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Any final artwork is amazing. But what I love even more is to see the behind the scenes, the work process that goes in order to achieve either an animation or static design. I thought it would be nice to share some of the steps I do in my day-to-day work process.


A storyboard shows the building blocks of an animation or video production. Very often I work together with advertising agencies and animation studios to help them visualize their scripts and give an idea of how the voiceover will match up with the visuals. Usually, I provide my storyboards as a PDF document where all the key scenes are mapped out with their sound and action descriptions. This gives the client an overview of the final piece but also ensures the client is happy with the path we’re about to take together and avoids delays later down the line.


Storyboard for a TV ad concept for the brand Arla Foods - Fantasy Style


Storyboard for a TV ad concept for the brand Parodontax - Commercial Style

Black and white sketches don't need to be reserved just for storyboards or part of an illustration piece process. I also like to help my clients visualize another type of ideas they may have for example photoshoot locations, trade show stands, displays, banners, or anything else that would help make their pitch deck even better.

Concepts for sisterMAG Studio of the inside and outside of a London and Berlin double-decker bus with Douglas promotional decoration.

When I'm in charge of the art direction of an animation project, I tend to provide two style options based on a frame shot from the storyboard. The style frame chosen by the client will determine the look and feel of the entire animation: character design, hand-drawn or vector style and colour palette.


The majority of my work lives within pastel colours and its infinitive variations of tints, shades, and tones. Though, to help me show my clients how I intend to approach the right atmosphere of an illustration piece or how to use a specific colour palette, I always try to include a colour script in my process. This is a quick, wonky version of the drawing and much like a storyboard gives the client an overview of the final piece but also ensures the client is happy with the colour composition avoiding delays later down the line.

Slide across to see the colourscript and its final illustration piece.


Need illustrations for your beautiful website?

Perhaps help to storyboard your social media campaign? Or maybe you have an awesome idea for your animation and need someone to lay down the art direction but also can design and illustrate all the necessary assets for the animators.


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