Sorting Hat Illustrations

In collaboration with Huge and Wizarding World Digital, I had the amazing opportunity to do a few illustrations for the Sorting Hat experience, a game from the new Wizarding World app. The brief was about celebrating the pride of each Hogwarts school houses in four different illustrated frames. For each house I needed to illustrate one mainframe, to go with the photo taken, but also other two alternatives for the user to be able to choose.


Mockup of Hufflepuff illustrated frame reveal

Art Direction

After discussing the technical approach with the dev and creative team we set how the frames would work around the camera app. We knew the full illustrated frame needed to have a perfect ratio in order to work both on a portrait and square format, without using a different asset and losing the house animal, relic, trait and correspondent house name. So, to celebrate each house pride I took into account these important elements and other specific details, like the different top parts of the knight's helmet and different wands from famous wizards.


Swipe left and right to see the before and after

That's a HUGE t-shirt

In the end, to celebrate the end of this project, I designed a T-shirt for all the lovely people at Huge. I mostly reused some of the illustrated assets that I previously did but added new ones as well. We wanted to take advantage of the fact that Huge and Hogwarts shared both the letter 'H', so I played with letter shape for the composition.


Flying Hedwig

Also very close to the end of this project, I couldn't resist doing a Hedwig version of my Flying Owl animation that I previously created for another client. You can have a look at 'Creative Learning' project.


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Client: Wizarding World Digital

Agency: Huge

Creative Lead: Kieron Leppard

Design Direction: Nis Bjorn & Cátia Oliveira

Illustration: Philipa Rabbit

Animation: Philipa Rabbit


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